Charlie is the greatest in this episode.

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Enjoying this. And the artwork is nice.

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This is one of the most interesting youtube clips I’ve seen for a while.

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Kentucky Route Zero is unique in a lot of ways (surreal, unsettling, quiet), but I’ve never seen something like this in the middle of a game. I hope they’re making money from it because it’s pretty fantastic.

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This looks like it could sate my hunger for The Last Guardian (for a little while at least).


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I just love this track, it’s so propulsive. My kind of bag. The album is pretty darn catchy too, I’m surprised they’re not bigger.

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Click here for more of Jon Stewart’s coverage of the recent House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing.

Watch the video, it’s kind of astounding what the politicians will say for their donors’ money.

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Good gravy, how I have never heard this before! It must be the most Beatles-y Radiohead track of all time, three times better than anything from the King of Limbs.

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It’s been a shitty weekend, but this is nice.

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