Click here for more of Jon Stewart’s coverage of the recent House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing.

Watch the video, it’s kind of astounding what the politicians will say for their donors’ money.

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Good gravy, how I have never heard this before! It must be the most Beatles-y Radiohead track of all time, three times better than anything from the King of Limbs.

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It’s been a shitty weekend, but this is nice.

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There’s a special Black Mirror Christmas episode on the way! 

There’s a special Black Mirror Christmas episode on the way! 

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Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator

The new stuff Flying Lotus has been dripfeeding reminds me of Aquemini-era Outkast. I’m getting ever so excited for a whole album of this.

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I finished watching Archer Vice, which is awesome, so I’m rewatching Frisky Dingo, which is also awesome.

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Gotta love Double Fine. I’m really looking forward to more Costume Quest too.

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Apple Watch Thoughts

+ Inductive charging

+ NFC payments

+ Taptic feedback looks neat

+ Fitness monitoring looks good

+ Decent straps

+ Different sizes

- Square, fugly

- No mention of battery life

- Crown control looks fiddly (perhaps unecessary)

- Drawing input looks like a waste of time

Overall, it seems disappointing. It’s nowhere near as good looking as the Moto 360, which is a problem for something that is so prominently displayed on your person. The payment system is perhaps the best thing about it, assuming it gets widespread adoption, and I’m sure the looks will be fixed in the inevitable second and third generation overhauls.

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