There’s a new Avi Buffalo album on the way, rejoice! The video for the first single is a little dull but it’s a nice tune.

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I already posted about these guys on my Curitiba-centric blog, but I feel it’s worth posting about them again. They play in a bookshop called Sebo Kapricho for free every Saturday lunchtime.

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Michael Sole.

Gorgeous paintings by British painter Michael Sole:

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I want the third one.

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On Repeat: Caustic Window. Always excellent to have a new/old Aphex Twin album.

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Things that have fallen out of my bathroom towel and caused me to shriek like a lady this week

1) A brown recluse (Google it), now dead
2) A tiny gecko, now living in my shower

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The best thing about Wimbledon is Tim Key’s twitter feed (read from bottom up, obviously).

Edit: Here’s the linked article.

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John Oliver explains why net neutrality is really important, as only John Oliver can

Maybe John Oliver has found his post–Daily Show niche: Explaining boring or uncomfortable subjects in a way that makes sense and makes you laugh. 

John Oliver’s really getting into his stride and I love it.

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Excellent analysis of why Edgar Wright films are so entertaining.

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